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We are a well-established publisher with a long experience in the world of books and education aids. We believe in publishing quality books for quality education. In line with this theme, we are published a wide range of book in English Bahasa Malaysia covering a variety of topics from stories to education teaching aids. The book are full of illustration and are written in a very simple language which make them attractive and interesting.

Charts create visual impacts on the minds of children and as well adults. We have produced a wide range of wall-charts, flash cards, educational posters to aids teacher, parents and children. The are well-illustrated with colourful pictures coupled with easy-to-understand subject-matter. These visual charts and cards are popular and have selling well.

We continuously review and upgrade our books and bring out new books, posters and others educational aids to meet the ever increasing demand of our customers.

As you browse through the blog of our updated, you will find all your needs. Please email us at yusleena@gmail.com or call 019- 200 4180 if you wish have more information of our products.

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Mac 30, 2008 - Posted by | Jati Publications

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